How to Order Baan Jang Nak

  1. Order by clicking the button "Add to Cart"
    Note: Please register before ordering.

  2. The order will be included in the customer's shopping cart .

  3. When ordering via the website,
    The shop will summarize the order, balance and shipping costs. To receive an order And confirm the order to the customer's email.

  4. After ordering, please make payment within 3 days after order. If canceled, the order will be canceled and given to other customers.
    • Payment Information
      Account Name: Vareya Viriya Viengno
      Bank : Kasikorn Bank Branch Nimmanhaemin
      Account Number: 5112050401

    Note : For customers who want to order but Not transferable within 3 days.Please contact us for keep product for you.

  5. After payment. Can notify the payment by Transfer details are as follows. or call 053-446-891, 083-203-9991
    • Order number
    • Transfer amount
    • Transfer bank
    • Date and time of transfer

  6. After the store has confirmed the payment. We will ship within 7 days.